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Glass Shower Screens have changed and evolved over the years. Gone are the days where the shower screen purely provided a function of keeping water in the shower or providing privacy.

Bathrooms are now a showpiece of a home, hence the development in the types and designs for shower screens. A diverse range of glass options are available with the most common being: Clear Glass, Frosted Glass, Coloured Glass or Laminated Glass. Customers can also choose from many different designs including:

  1. Framed Glass Shower Screens incorporate the use of aluminium framework to support the glass. Generally the most economical glass system as well as the safest and strongest due to the metal support structure and no exposed edges of glass
  2. Semi-frameless Glass Shower Screens eliminates the need for vertical framework with the glass set into a top and bottom framework.
  3. Frameless Glass Shower Screens. A sleek classy look with the glass cantilevered from the ground and wall using either support fittings.

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