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Laminated Glass - For Peace Of Mind

Laminated Glass is glass with additional safety features in the event of breakage or shattering. An interlayer between 2 or more levels of glass holds it together. This layer keeps the glass together even when broken. This makes laminated glass an ideal solution when safety is required.

As the name would suggest Laminated Glass is stronger than regular glass and is often a requirement for use in certain applications.

The most common uses of Laminated Glass are:

  1. Motor Vehicle Windscreens
  2. Windows and Doors
  3. Shower Screens
  4. Roofs
  5. Fencing
  6. Balustrades
  7. Table Tops
  8. Architectural Applications
  9. Commercial Applications

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Industry: Glass

Product: Laminated Glass

Suburb: Acacia Hills TAS 7306

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